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From 2017 onwards, we are offering to the leisure industry, the SolarMax range of UV tanning tubes.  These are a range of high quality tubes manufactured by the Cosmedico factory, thereby ensuring high quality and high performance.  SolarMax tubes will give your sunbed the best 0.3 tan available as the specification sheets will confirm.

Cosmedico have more than 35 years experience in manufacturing UVA sunbed tanning tubes and have been constantly redeveloping and improving its products and technologies.  Cosmedico offer a full spectrum of UV components and have a 100% quality assurance.

High performance phosphur is used in their construction as well as high performance glass.  In short, the best tan you can get together with a long life span, gives you the Salon Owner, the best cost analysis and performance ratio today.

By using special electrodes and an innovative lamp design, they deliver up to 30% more output than conventional tubes.

SolarMax are available in EU 0.3 format, or if required, they are also available in the stronger 0.5 format as SolarMax Plus.

SolarMax sets a new standard for tanning performance and long life.

Also available is a range of Collagen Red Light Therapy lamps in both low pressure tubes and high pressure lamps to meet the demand for this exciting step forward in skin technology.  Designed to fit existing sunbeds in 100, 160 and 180 watt format as well as 400 and 500 watt high pressure. 

We now have a range for every application.

SUNBED & LEISURE SYSTEMS (UK) LTD are pleased to be the UK Master Distributors for this very special range of tanning lamps and tubes.

Please call us now for the best prices and deals available.

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